Handmade. One of a Kind. Really.

Except for the food, but we'll get to that in a minute.

All of the items in the Closet and the Living Space are upcycled from quality found materials. Edie uses a lot of vintage ties, fabrics, buttons, and other materials found and purchased from some top secret resources. Each piece is handmade to the highest quality standard with the end user in mind, i.e. purses have linings and handy pockets and compartments, aprons are durable and machine-washable, and so on. 

This method of creation is eco-friendly and ensures that each piece is truly unique. It also means that the pieces are limited to what you see. New items will be posted once they are created, but when something is sold, that's it.

If you ever have a question, complaints, suggestions, or praise, we are happy to hear it.

You may contact the artist directly at edieteubner@gmail.com

Now, about the food.

All of our food is made in the USA (Wind & WIllow is a Missouri product our family has sold for many years). While our family does not make the sauces and salsas and so on, they go through a rigorous tasting and reviewing process by our whole family before they are approved to sell. If even one person does not like an item, we don't sell it. Sometimes someone will love an item so much we name it after them. Hence Joanna's Pumpkin Pecan Butter.

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