Well, it's time. Having never really blogged before, or even written that much, this should be  a new adventure! So here goes.....  

My name is Edie. I am a wife, mother, grandmother and have had many different jobs and businesses in my life. At the tender age of ten, my parents opened a gift store where I spent most of the time I was not in school. Actually, a good education for life in the real world. Some of my best childhood memories involve our buying trips to Chicago and Dallas. Great food towns! 

I have always enjoyed trying different types of food (as my figure attests), and when my kids came along, made sure they had plenty of opportunity to experience different tastes from many cultures.   

This adventurous spirit has also pervaded my other interests, such as music, decorating and travel. I certainly have not done half the things or seen too many of the places on my "bucket list", but then, I am not exactly finished! 

So come along on this little adventure with me, it should be fun and possibly educational at times, for me as well as anyone who is interested in joining me! 

That's it for now!